Oll an Gwella – the a cappella chorus from within Newquay Male Voice Choir – sing 4-part male harmony and can appear “on stage” with 4 or more choristers.  As long as we can guarantee a good balanced sound, we are pleased and proud to represent “Oll an Gwella”.

In 2009 we started to sing as a quartet and grew rapidly to sing as an octet,  before becoming a little larger again.  The following have all rehearsed and sung out with and contributed to the success of the group over the years (current members in bold): Brian Battye, David Bendall, Chris Bennett, Glenn Biddle, Fred Boreham, Arthur Brooker, Nick Brown, Jim Christophers, Andrew Collins, Derek Crowle, David Hall, Dick Hamer, David Jackson, Justin Kelly, Harry Livesey, Bill Mander, Tony Mills, Andy Pappin, Kevin Pappin, Rob Spowart, John Steer, Richard Trewella, David Williams, Les Williams & Spud Yeoman.  It involves huge dedication to rehearse with and sing regularly with the group and grateful thanks are extended to all who can manage the considerable commitment involved.  Special thanks to our wives who seem happy to use Oll an Gwella bookings in the same way that a mother might use a creche for her child!

We are most grateful to Les Williams who, with our “Roadie Sound Crew” (Ann & Roger Allen) when needed, work together to ensure that our sound kit is used to optimum effect

Our current “maximum potential singing strength” is 13 choristers, but as a result of sickness, employment, holidays and other family commitments we are only occasionally able to sing with all members present.


 Top Tenors (from): Justin Kelly, Tony Mills + ‘Spud’ Yeoman 



Second Tenors (from): Brian Battye, Glenn Biddle + Derek Crowle


Baritones (from):  David Hall, Billy Mander + Les Williams 


Bass (from): Jim Christophers, Rob Spowart + Richard Trewella